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Latale Derp Guild

We are the derpest derp guild in latale.

latale, #derp, guild, derpest

People of the Derp Clan

This is a forum for all the members and wannabe members of the People of the Derp Clan. Come and join us. This group is for fun and for sharing opinions, but not the most serious of ones.

people, #derp, clan, this, forum, members, wannabe, come, join, group, sharing, opinions, most, serious, ones

Element of Derp

A Secret Place for Secret People

element, #derp, secret, place, people


MemeWorld! The world of Memes!

meme, funny, troll, face, #derp, memes, memeworld, world, chinese, fuuuu!



anontown, #derp

Derp Forum

Derp of a forum

#derp, forum

Dehumanizing Erasure Rewriting Program

DERP is an organization that takes low-class organics and turns them into service bots for the middle- and upper-classes. No one really knows who runs DERP... other than a man with one eye and no heart.

dehumanizing, erasure, rewriting, program, #derp, organization, that, takes, low-class, organics, turns, them, into, service, bots, middle-, upper-classes, really, knows, runs, other, than, with

Free forum : Derp Squad Nexus

Free forum : tfw roleplays

#derp, squad, nexus, woop, doop, shoop, roleplays

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